About Us​

Providing online remembrance social space – to honor, preserve, and share the memories of those you love and respect.

A celebration of life – these digital resources are designed for us to ‘always remember – never forget’ our beloveds.

Create a space to remember someone TODAY!

Our Mission

We treat your personal space with privacy and respectfulness – without all the noise of ads and commercials. We provide our clients with a wide range of ideas, templates, and resources so that each family member and friend can tell their stories and record their memories in their own way.

Celebrate your loved ones TODAY!

Why Choose Us

Everyone is placed on this earth for a reason. Our purpose in life is the very meaning of our existence. We often times don’t realize how much of a positive impact we’ve made on others – or perhaps we simply forget. You Me Legacy was created to acknowledge, record, and document the lives of the people we hold so dear to us. Because every life matters!

Features and benefits include:

  • Customizable documents and templates to generate ideas to get you started on your ‘Legacy Projects’
  • Secured social space to upload videos, images and more
  • Early adopter pricing plan for one year (paid annually)
  • …and more

Start a tribute to that special person TODAY!

Let’s Stay In Touch

While we are working on the details of the ‘You Me Legacy’ website, let’s connect via LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social platforms.